Dear Volkswagen

Dear Volkswagen, You lied to our entire country. How can you, with your German honor and values, continue to sell your vehicles? To anyone, much less Americans. Shame on you. I am wildly disappointed in Volkswagen, and have no faith in your company. That should resonate in your very being. You will have to demonstrate […]

Do you ask for help?

Or, do you just do it yourself? Until you run into a problem? And THEN you find someone to do it. Or fix it. Do you ever hear that voice in your head saying “If you don’t have time to do it right, where will you find the time to do it over?” Oh, no? […]

Seriously, you still have yellow page ads?

If you haven’t cancelled your yellow page advertising, shame on you!

I have an online presence?

Check your online presence frequently.

Choose your “free” listings carefully

Yes, free directories can help your business brand, but be careful where you add your info. One smart tool is YEXT.  

What the heck is EDDM?

And why you should care. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail, and it’s a pretty slick service from the USPS, (United States Postal Service).

Update your damn website

The more you update your website, the more visible it becomes.

It’s not enough to just have social media profiles

Social media drives awareness. If you haven’t set up a social media profile, you should. But more importantly, you need to maintain it.  

Don’t Abandon Local Marketing

Digital marketers would have you spend every penny you have on pay-per-click marketing.

Automation Is Your Friend

Eyes roll when you say “business automation”. Likely because people imagine the car assembly line robots.