H1 - Headline

H2 - Subhead

H3 - Subhead

H4 - Subhead

H5 - Subhead
H6 - Subhead

P - This is a general paragraph text block.

Body - This is a general body copy block.

Headline - Use this for article headlines
Subhead - Use this for the sub headline, if needed
Body - This is the basic paragraph text style
Title Case - This style capitalizes the first letter of every word
Testimonial Headline
Testimonial Body
Testimonial By-Line
Typewriter - This style is for side-notes
Handwritten Note - This style is for personal notes that have EMPHASIS
Breadcrumb - This is the breadcrumB bar font
Hero Headline
Hero Subhead
Hero Body
Modal Headline
Modal Subhead
Modal Body
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