Welcome to my

A constant work in progress.



As many of you know, my strongest skill revolves around problem-solving. I thrive in percolating grand ideas, and distilling them down to concrete action plans.


My photography and video production prowess were born of necessity, and have been honed over the years to a very specific set of business-centric solutions.

Tech Leveraging

Offices full of contemporary gear, often going to waste because no one ever set up a workflow. It's easy to move past "I do the minimum required" to "I'm super productive".

Creative design

Yep, formally trained with a degree in graphic design and typography, I've enjoyed 30 years of making clients happy with creative solutions to design challenges of all kinds.

Motivation & training

You don't start a 20-year agency from scratch, without learning how to train and motivate the abundant array of personality types integral to successful team building.


From newsletters to social media posts, developing a keen understanding of when a public address is more powerful than press release is key to reaching your constituents.